How are LDS Singles Over 50 Looking for Love

Lds singles over 50 signs youre not ready to date Question of the day- is it possible to plan activities for singles over 30 that they will actually enjoy, attend, and not roll their eyes at the mere suggestion of? Answer- sometimes, but not usually. It is not easy to plan activities for singles over 30. Even more so, it is hard to plan activities that they will actually enjoy and want to attend. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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This is probably the major reason the church has wards and branches specifically for single adults, world-wide. However, there are large areas of the world where the population of church members, and correspondingly, single adults, is very small. In these areas, the dating pool for a single adult is very, very small. As a case study, I have a sibling at a major University on the east coast of the US, he is in a singles branch, with on the order of 10-20 people total in the branch.

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