Senator seeks to expand transitional kindergarten in California

California kindergarten cut off date 2018 he wants to be exclusive after the first date Educators and state lawmakers who want to close this achievement gap say it's time to do away with optional kindergarten for California children. They are backing legislation to make it mandatory. Advertisement "Kindergarten is what first grade used to be," said Telma Bayona, administrator for child development and preschool at Compton Unified School District. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

If we followed state regulations, she would be 6-years-old when she started kindergarten. Her nursery school would not even permit her to enter the pre-K class until after her 5th birthday. This seemed ridiculous to me, a former East Coaster that is accustomed to later kindergarten cut-off dates like October 1st New Jersey , and January 1st Connecticut.

EdSource has compiled the following FAQ to highlight the top things parents should know about transitional kindergarten programs. Why is transitional kindergarten only for children with fall birthdays? What are the benefits for younger children who enroll in transitional kindergarten? What is transitional kindergarten? Transitional kindergarten , sometimes referred to as TK, is a publicly funded program for 4-year-olds who turn 5 between Sept.

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california kindergarten cut off date 2019

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