8 Best Nate Archibald Moments From 'Gossip Girl' That Will Forever Make Us Swoon

Nate and serena kiss season 3 christian stories reddit What about that time Gossip Girl slut-shamed Dan's sister? But after it turns out Dan's also been anonymously stalking and humiliating Serena for years under the guise of GG, she doesn't run a mile and file a restraining order. Oh no. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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At one point, our main man Nate had both Blair and Serena fighting over him, but in the end, he ended up flying solo. I totally feel you, Nate. Despite being single in the finale, there was no denying that Nate Archibald was a total catch. He was charming, a great friend, and I mean, just look at how much of a hunk he was.

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