Marriage Goals: 8 Areas To Focus On

Marriage goals 2019 relationship moved too fast how to fix We have always set goals for our family, finances, fitness, business and parenting, but as we began to grow as a couple, we recognized several areas for improvement and began to set ourselves marital goals. It is common to set goals at work in order to increase productivity, on a personal level to improve health or achieve something of importance like financial security. So why not set goals for our marriage, as well? [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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A relationship is the sum of its parts and that means you can and should take charge over what you can control, i. Once you have resolved anything that your spouse can level blame at you for, all that is left is the stuff they need to work on and this then becomes much more evident. Once you have done the work on yourself, you can better support your spouse in achieving anything they need to accomplish that will help get the marriage back on track.

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