Should I Let MY Girlfriend Go To The Prom With Someone Else?

Is it ok to go to prom with someone other than your boyfriend how to compliment an older woman And you know what? I can tell you from personal experience albeit 10 years after the fact that going dateless to prom was not the end of the world. Real talk here. most of the rituals of high school, prom included, will not or at least, should not matter to you in your future adult life. But believe me, you have your whole life ahead of you, and your future as a well-adjusted, successful adult will have nothing to do with whether or not you had a prom date. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

By Karen Belz May 8 2016 The big day is coming up, and here you are, dateless and nervous — and while going to the prom without a date can actually have a lot of perks, you've always imagined having someone else by your side. There are a few people you are kinda-sorta familiar with, but now you're somewhat stuck in a bind — should you go to prom with someone you don't know , go solo, or just skip the whole thing all together? It's a lot of stress that'll thankfully disintegrate immediately once you go to college, but now, in the moment, it's kind of ruining your final days of high school. Going to the prom with someone you're not too familiar with has its pros and cons.


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I went to prom with a friend- and here is why I will always look back on my prom night as one of the best nights ever. My story I went with my best guy friend, Jack. We decided to go together a few weeks before, and I can say that I had the best time at prom; better than what I ever could have imagined. We balanced out hanging out with both sides of our friends, took pictures with many people, danced to every song, and had the best time.

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It's supposed to be the perfect night, with the perfect dress, the perfect shoes and—most importantly—the perfect date. Months in advance, I bought my dress, I knew exactly how I wanted to style my hair and I already practiced how I would do my makeup—the only thing that I was lacking was a date.

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