7 Simple Rules of Dating a Surfer

How to attract a surfer guy texting before meeting in person You get to sunbathe without being moaned at, have salty kisses on tap and beach holidays become a regular thang. If you don't have a wave chasing hottie in the vicinity then we suggest you up sticks to Bondi. Here's 20 reasons why dating a surfer is like winning the god damn boyfriend lottery. As if you needed persuading anyway! In fact he loves the camera as much as you do - and won't object to you taking hundreds of snaps of him surfing. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

dating a surfer guy

However, there is a strong caveat to that first statement. They have a public rep to maintain. it's a type of "quiet cool" that accompanies a sense the public has that they really don't have much going on in their lives except surfing whether that is true or not. So they have particular "rules of engagement" when it comes to hooking up. In particular, the usual mechanics are that if you happen to hook up, to the casual observer it will have looked like there's nothing going on. No one would be able to identify exactly when or how you first met usually just "at a party on the beach".

Don't Be THAT Guy In The Surf

My Surfer and how we met. Well you right about how you met him of course since none of your blogger readers know and they are just chomping at the bit to find out. Ha, I just crack myself up. Where to start? First of all you should have a little background context.

how to look like a surfer guy

Some guy learning to surf on the wrong day

You see them at the beach all tanned and gorgeous; their toned arms carrying boards as the breeze blows at their rough sun-bleached surfer hair. Their lean athletic bodies look so sexy, natural, and daring, especially when you see them ripping at the waves and bravely charging sets and barrels. You being the 30.