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Funny questions to ask your ex girlfriend cisco rosado 2019 Even if you've moved on or you at least think that you have moved on , you still want to know this. You want him to be totally and completely miserable, even if you're happy now. Especially if you're happy now. This is pretty much a law of break-ups and it's just the way that it goes. You don't have a clue if your ex is happy now because even if you still have him on your social media accounts, you know that social media posts are often a total lie. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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By Kristin Magaldi Sept 22 2015 If you've ever experienced a breakup, you are sure to know how it feels to have many questions unanswered. It doesn't really matter how it ended; whether you guys went out with a bang, or it was a mutual, peaceful parting of ways, there are most likely things you never got to say to your ex that are still bothering you months, maybe even years later. And this feeling is only made worse if you never got the closure you needed. But if you ever did get the chance to talk to your ex again about the two of you, what would you say to your ex?

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A lot of relationships have ended, not because of misunderstanding, but simply because both parties got fed up with each other and decided to go out and try something new. Do you want me to kiss you?

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You and your boyfriend are walking together at the park. He's as attentive as usual. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Once you reach the restaurant, you order lobster tail. Hey, you've had a long week, and a girl deserves a treat.