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Can you be fired for no reason in california marry someone like your father quotes Please provide a valid Zip Code or City and choose a category Please choose a category from the list Please select a city from the list and choose a category Please enter a valid zip code or city Please select a city from the list Connecting … Can you Get Fire for No Reason? California is an at-will state, which means that an employer can terminate you for any reason at any time of the employment with or without reason. Most employee handbooks today contain an at-will employment disclaimer. Most handbooks define what at-will employment and require an employee to sign an acknowledgment of their at-will status at the company. However, an at-will employee does have a right not to be terminated for reasons that are illegal under state and federal law. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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The average employee tenure hovers around four years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Very few workers will retire having worked for the same employer for most of their career. Not all job changes are voluntary.

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Think You Can Terminate At-Will Employee For Any Reason?

How to Terminate an Employee in California

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