5 Ways to Guarantee a Successful 'Netflix and Chill' For Men

How to escalate netflix and chill blackdragon blogs Listen to Extended Audio Content Sexual escalation is the process by which you take a woman who you are already alone with and gently move her from sitting and talking on your couch or your bed to having sex. The primary and overall concept behind sexual escalation is that you must do it. Got news for you. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

how to transition from netflix to chill

Netflix and chill has been around for quite sometime now and the buzz has yet to really settle down. It is still a go-to move for guys looking to hook up with that cutie they've had their eye on or their most recent match online. Whatever the case, everyone-especially the girls-knows what is up in regards to Netflix and chill. But that only means one thing. they know exactly what they're getting themselves into when they accept your invitation for "Netflix and chill. Though that doesn't guarantee things will actually happen once she's over and the "Netflix-ing" has begun.


It's already been implied you're in. Just go on your additional dates and let things escalate from there.

how to netflix and chill with a guy

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