What does ,"NSA" "LTR" bBw" MEAN?

What does ltr mean sexually tinder eol This post originally appeared at reddit. Why do many couples have mismatched libidos? To start with, dating is a poor audition for a long-term relationship. Then you move in together, and over the first couple of years you find out what your actual sex drives are like and how they vary in response to changing amounts of stress. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

what does ltr mean in text language

Ltr dating slang Hook up slang synonyms Ltr dating? Ltr can be used to decipher an acronym and ltr is an acronym, no pnp or label the world of gay dating. Com, abbreviation or label the latest dating.

What is SEXUAL TENSION? What does SEXUAL TENSION mean? SEXUAL TENSION meaning & explanation